23 Signs You’re In The Magical Land Of New Jersey


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  • Pork egg and cheese roll made with Taylor pork – mikesguitar via Reddit
    People eat scrapple, pork roll, hoagies and all kinds of strangely-named food items.

You just can’t get away from New Jersey these days, and it’s Gov. Chris Christie’s fault. He made national headlines during Hurricane Sandy and the 2012 presidential election — and is now at the center of a multi-million dollar state tourism campaign rolling out this week. (New Jersey’s famous boardwalks in Seaside Heights and Point Pleasant Beach reopened Friday, several months after Hurricane Sandy devastated the area.) Regardless, New Jersey was already on our minds, due to reality TV shows featuring New Jerseyans who are determined to fight, flirt and fist-pump their way into your hearts, with their big hair and even bigger personalities. Check out the list above for tell-tale signs you’re in New Jersey. If that looks like a fun time, then you should plan a trip to the shore ASAP. [Source] — By Stephanie Brown